Gabby Moore fails to stop a demonic war which released condemned ancient angels and Lucifer’s minions to Earth. When all hope is lost, Herak, an Ancient sentenced to eternal solitude for starting the first demonic war, pledges to save the world. But is he really reformed and ready to fight, or will he betray Gabby and Alexander forcing them to sacrifice their love and each other to save the world?

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Gaby Moore is training to hone her powers, Alexander is torn between acknowledging how powerful she is and his instinct to protect her. Meanwhile the others provide the perfect backdrop for the last of the Battle for Souls series. It’s hard to describe anything in this book without spoiling it, but let me let you during and after reading this story, you will feel as if you fought alongside these bigger than life characters. Get this book, read it, live it and at the end let out a big breath, you’ll need it for the sweet way Ms. Knight ends this wonderful series.”

5 Stars Page Turner

“Absolutely loved this book!!! I’m not a YA kinda girl but I really enjoyed it. It was fast paced and still clean enough I’d let my kids read it. I liked the message that it’s good can over come evil if you just know in your heart it’s the right thing. It was very detailed and made you wanna cheer on Gabby not to give up!”

5 Stars Amazon Review

I always love when the final book in a series leaves me satisfied, and this one does just that. We finally learn just how powerful Gaby is and when she embraces it, she is unstoppable. I was holding my breath by the end, and I loved how it was completely unexpected, yet perfect.”

5 Stars PoisonIvyred

A third excellent read from Ciara Knight! In the heat of the battle, why aren’t the angels fighting? In order to win this one, Gabby has to figure it out. They can’t win without the angels. Plus, the surprise ending is so cool. You’ve got to read it to figure it out.”
5 Stars Kamoons