Christmas Bells of Creekside

A Sweetwater Holiday Romance


Can a young boy losing his sight help his mom see love and Christmas in a new light?

Christmas isn’t something single mother, Noelle Monroe looks forward to this year. She already struggles to balance life while caring for her son who’s going blind. When her third nanny quits she must find someone or lose her job which would leave her financially drained.

Loner, Keith Mitchell agrees to return home for the holidays to appease his estranged mother during a work furlough. Only the temporary situation turns into permanent unemployment, leaving him stuck in a town facing a past mistake that broke apart his family. An error that almost cost his sister her life.

When Keith’s mother volunteers him to watch a young boy with visual challenges Keith knows he’s the wrong man for the job, yet the beautiful young neighbor needs help and the boy needs a male in his life. Keith and Noelle agree to a temporary arrangement through the season, but the boy has other plans.

He’s on a mission to help his mother smile again, win a new dad, and save Christmas.

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