“There is more to the prophecy.” Fallon stated.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“You realize the claim of the Triune is real.”

I snickered, “Yes, I can’t deny that anymore.”

“That leaked from our council during the war, but we were able to keep the rest of the intel to ourselves. You see, one of the members of the Neumarian Council could estimate future events based on current trends. It’s sort of a statistical prophecy in a way. Of course, it’s deeper than that. The one who had the gift also channeled more than just facts, emotions, psychology, the art of body language and behavior. All the information was churned up and a prophecy was spit out.”

“What is the rest?” I asked.

“Penton must be the protector of the Triune…” He nodded to Harrison and a click sounded in my head. Fallon leaned close and whispered. “…the one who will risk his life and die to save the Triune.”

I cupped my hands over my mouth to stop the gasp from reaching Raeth’s ears.

My pulse thrashed at my neck. I slowly lowered my hands to my side. “You think he’s going to die out there, don’t you?”

Fallon clasped my hands in his.