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“This is a sweet romance set of stories by five great authors! I was familiar with two authors and very pleased with the remaining authors. I now have new authors to check out! The stories were wonderful, romantic, and just enough to set my heart aflutter! Definitely check this set out!”

~ Amazon Reviewer

“Typically not my genre – but I love Ciara Knight’s writing – so I read the entire box set. Lovey, sweet stories. Great summer read. Nothing raunchy, just good old fashioned sweet romance. Each story held my interest. Will be checking out all the authors other books.”

~Amazon Customer

“loved this romance story but I didn’t really know the other authors. I love everything written by Ciara Knight and would highly recommend any of her books. They all capture you right from the beginning. This one I would recommend to anyone who likes a good, clean romance story. LOVED IT!”

~Amazon Customer

“And then He Kissed Her is a collection of five sweet romance novellas. Of the five authors, I have only read Melinda’s books so I was really happy to try the writing of some other authors who also write sweet romance. My 2 favorite stories in the collection are Always a Bridesmaid by Melinda Curtis and Riverbend by Ciara Knight.

Always a Bridesmaid by Melinda Curtis
The heroine of the story Nicole is the baker for Tiffany Bonander’s wedding. Tiffany appeared in book 1 of the Bridesmaids Series and reappears in the sidelines in book 2. Book 2 features some emails between Tiffany and her fiance and I feel that it would be more meaningful if you have read book 1 even though it can be read as a standalone. One of the things I enjoyed most about this book was the auto-correct mistakes that Nicole kept making when she texted Sean. They were just plain hilarious. This is a really fun and sweet story and I really enjoyed the chemistry between Nicole and Sean.

Riverbend by Ciara Knight
I really enjoyed Mitchem and Cynthia’s story. I thought it was kinda cute that Mitchem was fumbling with dating all over again and was just clueless about how he felt for Cynthia. It was really a sweet read and I really enjoyed how the story and their relationship progressed.

** I was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review.”

~Amazon Customer

“I really enjoyed reading this combination, Four stories in one and each an independent story. Each one was a sweet romance without the explicit sexual content. The cook and the baker in the first one “Always a Bridesmaid” is a great read! I thoroughly enjoyed the dynamics between the two! The second story “Riverbend” was the chemistry between the professor and his assistant is a great story that shows us the sometimes that true love is not always instant. The professor is grieving for his dead wife, although while depending on his trustworthy assistant to deal with not only her duties, but also being there for his son! It takes a while but eventually the professor realizes that he has truly loved his assistant for a very long time. The third story “Along Came you” tells about a wealthy young man who is dealing with the passing of his grandmother, she left her home to him with instructions that none of his family were to have the home! After deciding to sell the home, he contact realtor Gina, the two has their ups and downs with their ex’s and Jake’s family. This is a great read, although I enjoyed all the stories in the book, this one was my favorite. Jake’s obvious love for his grandmother touches my heart! The last two stories were interesting to a point but had a hard time enjoying it after reading the first three stories!”

~ Amazon Customer

“This anthology is a great collection of feel-good stories, with a HEA for all. All five stories are a quick read, sweet, and romantic. The themes are basically all the same. A couple only begins to see the romantic possibilities after a kiss, when there has been the seed for romance for some time albeit unrecognized. Even though the stories are short, there is no lack of character or plot development. This is a perfect beach read, if you are lucky enough to still have a trip to the beach in your future this summer.
Melinda Curtis’ Always a Bridesmaid is part of her Bridesmaid series that started with Jax and Tiffany in the jungle. If you are looking for resolution to their story, you won’t find it here, but you will find a delightful story about the plans for their wedding by a baker and a chef. All the stories may be be part of a series, but they are definitely able to stand on their own.
I am grateful to the author for donating a copy for an honest review. I feel blessed to have this opportunity.”

“ Amazon Customer