Cathy Michell dedicates her life to helping others in Creekside even when they protest her interference. When Devon West swaggers into town, Cathy promises to help him reunite with his estranged daughter.

Devon is enamored with the strong, honest and passionate Cathy. She’s like no other woman he’s ever known, and he wants to win her heart. But when Devon’s ex-wife appears in Creekside, she forces him to choose between protecting his daughter or keeping his promise to the woman he loves.

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“I want to live in Sweetwater County! I have almost finished the books in this series and I am getting sad knowing it’s coming to an end.” ~5 Stars Amazon Reviewer

“I have read all of Sweetwater county I loved each one so full of love and life of a town that embraced all people from all walks of life as long as they wanted to be love.” ~5 Stars Amazon Reviewer

“I can’t say enough about any of her books in this series. When I feel as though I want to the characters to be a part of my life, and I want to live in the town of Sweetwater, that’s saying something. I read them all and hated that there were none to look forward to until July!” ~5 Stars MOB

“Fourth book in a remarkably easy read series. Each book is a ” stand alone” book, telling the stories of every day people. Small-town life is remarkably portrayed in each one of the books . You meet the old codgers, the sheriff, the town busybody , antique dealers , waitresses , all the bright people who live in a small town . Each story revolves around well-defined character who face life’s adversity. and joy equally. These are fairly short books that is the only flaw that I find . I hated for each book to come to an end. I checked out the free one , loved it so much , that I bought the rest . Each one is a remarkable portrayal of real people . Thoroughly enjoyed all of the series .” ~5 Stars Irishredrose