Gabby Moore’s powers emerge years too early due to adolescent hormones, complications with loving a fallen angel, and constant demon attacks. She is forced to deal with the guilt of believing she murdered Alexander’s “mother,” while trying to stop the demonic war before it begins. Only the love and acceptance of friends, family, and her beloved Alexander can save her from turning to her demonic side.

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Fall From Grace picks up right where Rise From Darkness left off. I was so glad I got to read this book right after and not wait!!! Fall From Grace was a beautifully written story that drew me in from page one. I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough!!! It was a real page turner. Ciara’s new take on angel lore is so interesting, and I haven’t read another book like it. I loved all the secrets and surprises that happen in this book. I was completely shell-shocked with a few things that I did not see coming. And boy oh boy, I got teary eyed with this one.”

5 Stars Amazon Review

“Wow, this book of the series is certainly one that has you sitting on the edge of your seat. You really never know who to trust who not to trust. So many are not what they seem to be and then when you think you know what they are, you are fooled again. The ending has a cliff-hanger but not one of those that you want to pull your hair out but just enough that you know you must read the next book. There is some closure and that’s a cool part to the ending. Definitely an awesome series, on to book 3.”

5 Stars Amazon Review

Wow! Ciara didn’t let me down with the second book in the Battle for Souls Series. I was on the edge of my seat to see if Gabby will decide to seal the rift to keep the demon off Earth or try to get the angels who are trapped below risking demons getting loose. You’ve got to read this one!”

5 Stars Kamoons