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I love all of Ciara’s books and Fool’s Rush is no exception! Bethany is such a strong woman and manages to overcome the hardships of traveling on a wagon train disguised as a boy. She has to do a man’s work and live in tight binding to keep up the ruse. It was amazing that she fooled Thomas for so long and didn’t tell him who she was, even though she was falling hard for him. I loved their chemistry and the ending left me happy, which is the way I prefer my endings! I definitely recommend this book to those looking for something different.”

5 Stars PoisonIvyRed


“A wonderful book by Ciara Knight! I couldn’t put it down nor read fast enough. The story of Bethany and Thomas; each one putting up walls in their heart and trying to escape the past. This book made me smile, laugh and even cry. Join them on their wagon train out west and enjoy their story! There are a few steamy scenes sprinkled within as well.”

5 Stars Amazon Review


“This is my first time to read this author’s work. I found it extremely interesting and hard to put down. I looked forward to what the next page would bring. I’m an avid reader of western novels and I’ve read every Louis L’amour novel written so I’m familiar with how a good Western novel should read.”

5 Stars Amazon Review

I don’t read a lot of westerns, but I wanted to review Fools Rush because despite not reading a lot of westerns, that doesn’t mean I don’t want to, and I liked the premise about the main character hiding her true identity. I wasn’t dissapointed at all, in fact, I think I’ve (re)discovered my love for the wild, wild west.

Bethany is pretty awesome. She’s headstrong and stubborn at times, but she’s also independent, loyal, hard-working, and caring for others. She’s actually quite honest, despite having to pose as a young boy. It’s life that forces her to be dishonest but in her heart, she wants nothing more than to tell the truth, especially to Thomas. I did find her journey, her quest for freedom, inspiring.

Thomas is the brooding hero – he has had so many troubles in his life, so much heartbreak and betrayal, he fears he might never love again, or even trust someone. Despite that, he too is very caring and strong. Surprisingly, he kind of reminded me of heroes from gothic novels, the brooding yet strong type. It was strange but refreshing to see one of those turn up in a western!

I liked how the relationship wasn’t instantly there. Thomas and Bethany have a lot of hurdles to overcome if they want to be together…and if you want to find out if they do get their happily ever after, well, I suggest you start reading.”

5 Stars Amazon Review


“5/5!!! Fantastic book! Female lead is strong and spunky! Male lead is a bit arrogant due to past hurts. Really great flow of story to bring him to his knees! Loved it! Cannot wait for the next one!”

5 Stars Amazon Review