It takes a town to save a marriage.

Carter Davidson suffered humiliating torment as a child for his learning difficulties and has spent his entire life overcoming the stereotype of being stupid. As an adult he’s achieved a corporate title, lives a perfect life, until tragedy strikes in threes; loss of a baby, his wife disappearing behind a cloud of depression, and his son facing the same bullying he did as a child.

After the loss of her baby girl, Emily Davidson sinks into a world of despair. When she awakens from her life hiatus she must face her neglect of her only son. A third grader who’s unable to read or write. Emily focuses all her energy on helping her son, but with her husband’s inexplicable aversion to her son receiving help, Emily is forced to choose between the love of her husband, or the well-being of her only surviving child.

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“Ciara Knight writes stories that take place in one of the two small towns in Tennessee. I have found them to be very up-uplifting and this one is no exception. Grace in Sweetwater County is a great read.”

5 Stars Jan N.

“Very sweet book that shows both sides of a marriage and the work it takes to overcome challenges. Love everything that Ciara Knight has written so far and Grace did not disappoint.”

5 Stars C. Winegard

“Series of great little town. Couldn’t wait to read the next one. Would love to see more added to the series.”

5 Stars BJW