Welcome to Clayborne Ranch.

Where the men are strong and their values even stronger.

Even if a little misguided. 

Howdy, partners! 🤠

Y'all have been hankerin' to know about my writing trail, and boy, do I have news for ya! Grab your hats and spurs because we're about to embark on a rootin' tootin' ride through the wild frontier of my creative process. 🐎 We'll be wrangling ideas in the brainstorming corral, lassoing words in the writing roundup, branding our thoughts in the editing barn, and steering our wagon towards the horizon of producing an epic twelve-book saga. And guess what, cowpokes? You'll be ridin' shotgun with me, chipping in your gold nuggets of wisdom along the way. Let's saddle up and ride this story into the sunset together! 🌵🌄📚

I'm sure you've guessed it, you requested a sweet, contemporary small-town romance series, and I listened. 

So saddle up because here, we go....

Clayborne Ranch

Welcome to BOOK 2 brainstorming!

1) Which trope would you like to read about in book 2 of the Clayborne Ranch series?

That's it for this weeks voting. Stay tuned and watch out for the next round of questions so you can be part of the joureny!

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