Five years after the death of his wife, Dr. Mitchem Taylor is ready to share his life with someone. Only one thing stands in the way of giving love a second chance–the strictly enforced “no dating” rule. A rule that pierces his heart every time he thinks about his university assistant, Cynthia. When a handsome man shows interest in her, Mitchem must choose between love for his career or love for his beautiful assistant.


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This is the first book I have read by the author and was in love with every bit of it. If I had one complaint it would be that it was too short, I wanted MORE!!! LOL Riverbend was sweet and refreshing. My heart really went out to Mitchem and Cynthia they were both pretty much clueless of what the other person felt. Of course Mitchem is still trying to live in the past and is not sure if he’s ready to move on but once he realizes things he knows he cant live with out the one that’s been standing in front of him this whole time but it just might be too late. Cynthia has been chasing Mitchem for far too long and she cant stand by and wait any longer and is debating whether or not she should just move on. I really loved reading Riverbend and am now excited to read more by Ciara Knight!~5 Stars Lady Amber Reviews

Overall this is a short, clean romance. You could easily read this in one sitting. In just over 60 pages the author packs a lot of emotion. Yes friends, I teared up and cried just a little. If you enjoy the author’s Sweetwater County series or you’re looking for a quick read for you weekend, I highly recommend this one.
~5 Stars Mom with a Reading Problem

This is a great quick and clean read. Even though it is so short, Ciara develops the characters to the point where you believe in them (as well as a couple of supporting characters we will see in a future book or two). I can’t wait to read more.~5 Stars J. Craig

I love the Sweetwater County series. I was hoping that Riverbend would be similar to it. It is. I was not disappointed. Ms. Knight has a way of capturing the reader into the story. I love her style of writing. The characters are realist and intriguing. Riverbend is a modern love story that could happen in today’s world. Dr. Mitchum Taylor fell in love with his assistant, Cynthia, but he was to shy and afraid to go after what he wanted. Cynthia loved him also but was afraid of telling him. Will they finally admit the truth to each other, or will they miss their own happy ever after chance at love? I recommend anyone to read Riverbend and why out. Does dreams begin just around the Riverbend?
Cathy M.