Summer Island Book Club

Escape to Summer Island, where new beginnings and happy endings are guaranteed.

Widow, Julie Boone has lived her life and is content, so she thought until her daughter gives her the perfect nightmare of a fiftieth birthday gift-her three childhood besties. The arrival of her wildly successful, buttinski friends, overwhelms Julie when her life goes from peaceful to melodrama, makeovers, and matchmaking. Especially when they make her believe there is still life to be lived with one handsome sailor who’s just moved to town.

Trevor Ashford retreats from big city life to sunny Florida after a failed marriage and damaged reputation. His only wish is to open a small boat charter company in peace, but when Houdini—a mischievous pet ferret—steals an engine part and leads him on a merry chase into the arms of Julie Boone, he has to choose between being a recluse or embracing a new love.

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"You can almost feel the splashing water, a summer breeze, and the sand between your toes. This book will make you very excited for summer! The descriptions in this book are beautiful and warm. The story is extremely heartwarming."

~ Review by Bogens Liv 5 STARS

"This story grabbed me from the very first page and had me both laughing and crying with equal measure throughout."

~ Review by Liz S. 5 STARS

"I love the slowing taking part of the friendship in the first place. Discovering leaf after leaf the pure nature of all friends. And it was so nice to read abut people in late 40s. The times goes too fast. But we can live it is so many ways. Maybe some other book of them would be nice to read. So much worm really."

~ Review by Itsallaboutbooksandmacarons (Instagram) 4 STARS

"This book is the amazing friendship reunion we all need sometimes. Bri decides her widowed mother of 3 years, Julie, need a fresh start. Bri invites Julie's childhood friends to visit for her 50th birthday. Together, they all learn that true friendship can withstand the test of time, and together they can help Julie find love and passion again.

I am excited for the next book in this series to see where the Summer Book Club women continue with their path together.

This book is definitely a must read for your summer list!"

Review by thereadingmom_hm (instagram)

"High school BFFs, three leave the small seaside town for the big city and exciting jobs. What will happen when they return to visit the one that stayed behind? Add in a love interest and you have the wonderful beginning of this latest series."

~ Review by Sharon S. 5 STARS

"This is a great book to read, the people are fascinating, and it is interesting seeing in just a few short weeks all they learned about themselves, and like a butterfly emerged changed."

~ Review by J 5 STARS

"I have never lived by the beach or ocean but diving into this story makes me feel like I live right there with them all. Warm summer days relaxing on the beach and wonderfully breezy nights sitting outside and enjoying a tropical drink and watching the stars twinkle."

~ Review by Tamra P. 5 STARS

"What a great story about life and friendship. It doesn’t matter where you grow up or where you end up living, those true friendships you make will never die. Also, life goes on after losing that special love one or getting through a nasty divorce. This story shows us all of that."

~ Review by Jan N. 5 STARS