August 31


Summer’s Heart is Now Available!

By Ciara Knight

August 31, 2023

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Summer's Heart by Ciara Knight

Today is the day!

My first release in 2023. I'm so excited about this story, I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed creating it for you.

Hearts. One broken. One Sick. One chance.

Summer Morgan left home with the goal of turning her family farm into an empire. Driven to succeed, nothing could stop her until a virus damaged her heart. Despite that, she vows to continue to grow the business by evicting tenants paying mediocre fees to lease family land.

Zane Whittaker hoped that by sacrificing his family’s property, he could save his mother, but no amount of money could save her life. To honor his late mother, Zane wants to create an organic preserves company to restore their family’s legacy.

A hostile takeover of Monroe Enterprises threatens to gobble up both Zane’s dream and Summer’s business plans, so they join forces. While fighting to hold on to their visions, romance blooms. But when she collapses in the heat of the day, Zane can’t face losing someone else he loves.

Summer must convince Zane that she won't leave him, and fast, because they only have one chance to regain everything: their legacy, their land, and most importantly, their love.

Check it out now here.

Ciara Knight

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